Foods you must be taking in this year 2020


So we are in the year 2020. We have followed many health diets in 2019. Those may be worked for many or maybe not. You may have taken many resolutions for 2020 with them you should also start caring about health if you were not much aware of it before. Health is something with which you can’t play. If your health got damage then all wealth everything will go to the vein. So it is really necessary to care about your body.

We have made a list of superfoods which will give you so many benefits to your body. We have made this list keeping many things in mind. With these foods, you will get enough amount of nutrients. We hope these foods will really help you so much.

Foods you must be taking in this year 2020

Here is the list is given below:

Green coffee

Green coffee is really good for fat burning. Green coffee is made by the beans which are not roasted. Coffee beans contain an acid called Chlorogenic acid (CGA). Which get vanished when the beans are roasted. This acid is really good for weight loss and burns body fat. It helps in decreasing the synthesis of fatty acid and cholesterol And also helps in fatty acid break down.


Millets to be known as least allergenic and best easily digestible food available now. Millets contain a huge amount of minerals like iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and fiber. These are very best for heart health and people with minor hearth problems should take this with foods for batters results. Millets are known to be gluten-free so it can be easily consumable by the people who are gluten sensitive. Millets can be taken with soups, roti. Or can be consumed in the breakfast with puha.


You maybe know this as Drumstick tree. And it is really a superfood. The leaves are dried and made powder with it and that contains a huge amount of Nutrients benefits. It boosts your immunity, decreases the inflammation, And also works as antimicrobial. It doesn’t stop here it has many other benefits like keeps heart health very good, controls the level of blood cholesterol, blood pressure.

Their leaves can be taken daily as supplements which will help in reducing visceral fat. and also can give good strength to your bones.

Nut milk

As you all know how nutritious are Nuts is. They are very much rich in nutrients like fat, fiber, protein, etc. These nut milk are creamy, smooth drinks. If you are not that comfortable with milk then you can try this nut milks. If you have any problem with milk consumption then you can try this for getting the same nutrients as compared to milk.

There are almond milk, coconut milk, oats milk, etc are available other than this you can also find Soymilk this is purely made up of the whole soybeans.

Cauliflower flour

As cauliflower is a cure for many diseases. It is also good for fighting cancer. It contains a really good amount of nutrients. It is also an excellent source of vitamins like C and K.